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Why faith matters for MPs at COP26

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Taking their seats, or making a stand: Why faith matters for MPs at COP26

As MPs return to Parliament, one of the UK's leading environmental charities is suggesting that faith, as well as climate science, matters to decision makers, and has urged greater ambition at the forthcoming COP26 summit.

Green Christian, which has been at the cutting edge of the environmental movement for over 40 years, has today launched a visual presentation called Why Faith Matters at COP26, aimed at engaging and influencing MPs and other decision-makers in the run up to the summit.

Why Faith Matters at COP26 highlights four main areas which decision-makers need to address:

  • our interconnectedness with nature
  • the importance of climate justice to protect the vulnerable
  • the potential for wellbeing without ever-increasing consumption
  • the significance of hope if change is to be achieved.

The presentation contains insights from climate activists and leading Christian theologians such as Professor Tim Gorringe, who, in one of a series of reflective articles published alongside Why Faith Matters at COP26, has argued that, "To trash the planet is to throw God's gift back in God's face".

Green Christian's co-Chair, George Dow, said, "We need Parliament to pass far more ambitious policies on food and farming, climate change, trade and consumption, green jobs and transport. Increased ambition at COP26 is essential".

Green Christian's co-Chaplain, Revd Andrew Norman, added, "Climate change can easily feel too overwhelming a crisis to face up to – or we might just choose to 'hope against hope' that new technology will save the world. But as part of the Christian environmental movement, we feel that faith can enable us to face reality. Faith has in the past played a key role in motivating change. Our Christian belief convinces us that positive change is possible."

The presentation has been sent to key MPs from different parties, notably those who have expressed a faith commitment. MPs swear "by God Almighty" in their Parliamentary oath of allegiance to the Queen. Green Christian hopes that, in light of the matters to be discussed at COP26, its presentation may help MPs to reflect more deeply on what its outcome will mean to Queen, Country and indeed the world.

Why Faith Matters at COP26 is available on the Green Christian website:

The theological reflections are available at https://greenchristian.org.uk/theological-reflections-on-cop26/

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