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Grant Applications

Circuit Grant Application Notes

The Circuit has some funds available to support ministry and mission and property schemes at local churches.

Applications will be considered by the Circuit Grants Committee who will make recommendations to the Circuit Meeting. The committee members are:
Rev Dr Paul Glass, Chairman
Dave Paterson, Circuit Treasurer
t.b.a. Secretary
Margaret Faulkner
Carole Steele.

Grants may be awarded for capital or revenue related expenditure but in respect of the latter the Committee is only able to make a one-off award (subject to release in instalments where appropriate) and will, therefore, have particular regard to the ability of the church in question to safeguard the longer-term viability of the project. Only in exceptional circumstances will grants be considered where the application relates to the costs of repair or maintenance to existing premises.

The work of the Committee is grounded in the missional focus of the Methodist Church as stated in Our Calling (Methodist Conference Report 2000) and The Priorities for the Methodist Church Methodist Conference Report 2004. In considering the eligibility of applications and in prioritising between competing demands on available funds, the Committee will have regard to the following criteria (as relevant to each particular case):

  • Is the project part of a clear strategy directed towards fulfilling God's mission through the local church/ Circuit and is it consistent with Circuit and District policy
  • Will the project make good use of resources by, where appropriate, working in an ecumenical context and in partnership with other Churches and/or organisations
  • Does the project respond to an identified need in the Church and the wider community and has it been designed to respond effectively to it
  • Will the project encourage involvement with the gospel priority for the marginalised and poor and with those who are disadvantaged within the community
  • Have the needs of various age groups been considered, especially taking into account young people and young adults
  • Does the project incorporate the potential for providing new ways of being Church (eg. 'Fresh Expressions') or improving on existing practice.

Any application should be received at least 3 weeks prior to the relevant meeting of the Committee using the attached form and should include:

  • a current budget of income and expenditure for the scheme or project;
  • where appropriate the most recent audited accounts of the Church and if those accounts are more than six months old a copy of the latest management accounts for the Church;
  • job descriptions and personnel specifications for any staff to be employed as part of the scheme or project.

Prior to submitting a formal application, churches are strongly advised to make a preliminary submission to the Committee containing as much information as is possible to allow an initial indication to be given as to (1) the likelihood of an application being successful and (2) what particular information will be required in addition to the basic requirements set out on the grant application form.

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