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The Wey Valley Circuit* came into being on 1st September 2016 – a joining of 13 churches in the Guildford and Woking & Walton-on-Thames Circuits – each with its own distinctive personality and gifts, looking forward to mutual sharing and support and responding together to the gospel of God's love in the community and the wider world. *(A "Circuit" is an administrative group of Methodist Churches in the same area).

If you are a visitor or newcomer to the area, or living here and seeking a church for the first time, please use this website to find a church that meets your spiritual and pastoral needs. We have included links to the websites of all of our churches in the Circuit but you can also contact the Circuit Office for more information.

If you already live in the Circuit as a member of a local church, this website is a resource of information for you; it includes the preaching plan and dates for your diary. If there is something missing please tell us!

Wey Valley Circuit Vision Statement and Policy

The Circuit commits to lead and support local churches in releasing the gifts of the Holy Spirit to allow modelling of Christ-like lives, so that the good news of God's love can be witnessed in all areas of worship, fellowship and outreach.
We aim to do this by:

  • supporting opportunities for worship and faith sharing;
  • encouraging sharing of gifts – both talents and material resources;
  • promoting the passing on of experience in all areas of church life through resource groups; facilitating training.

Adopted by the Wey Valley Circuit Meeting: September 13th 2016

Circuit Map

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