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In the wake of the tragedy last where 27 people drowned while crossing the Channel, Rev Claire Hargreaves has put together a list of organisations that help refugees and asylum seekers here in the UK. Top of the list is the RNLI which helps to bring so many people safely into Dover from the Channel.

People often ask how can they help these needy people and these organisations are all offering support. All would appreciate help so that they can continue their important work.

List of organisations that provide support to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution – saving lives at sea) Website : https://rnli.org – 24 hour volunteer rescue service in the Channel (amongst other things)

Safe Passage : Website : https://www.safepassage.org.uk/- helps unaccompanied children who come into the UK to find safety and prevent them being trafficked.

Refugee Action : Website : https://www.refugee-action.org.uk/- 35 years experience helping refugees build safe, hopeful and productive new lives in the UK.

Joint Council for the welfare of immigrants : Website : https://www.jcwi.org.uk/- fights for a fairer, more efficient and humane immigration system.

Refugee Council Website : https://www.refugeecouncil.org.uk/- provides crisis support, practical assistance, mental health support to aprox 13000 people coming into the UK each year, especially lone child refugees.

Women for Refugee Women – Website : https://www.refugeewomen.co.uk/ : empowers women refugees and asylum seekers to speak out, through English lessons, drama and other activities.

NACCOM Network -(No Accommodation Network) Website : https://naccom.org.uk/a network of 140 organisations and individuals which provides safe, temporary accommodation to people in the asylum system and helps them move on.

KRAN Refugee Action Network – (Kent Refugee Action Network) website : https://kran.org.uk/ -works with unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees who are minors. Young people aged 16 -24 who have arrived in Kent alone.

Mosaik Education – Website : https://mosaik.ngo fundraises to get refugees into further education.

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association – Website : https://acaa.org.uk/ – based in Feltham, supports Afghan refugees arrived at Heathrow. Jeannette Curtis at Walton on Thames Methodist, Merrow Methodist and St Mary's have all supported this organisation.

Hastings Supports Refugees – Website : hastings.cityofsanctuary.org is a volunteer group providing essential, food, clothing, blankets to people arriving on the beaches at Hastings.

Sanctuary on Sea – Website : https://brighton-and-hove.cityofsanctuary.org/ welcomes refugees and campaigns for better treatment for them.

Care4Calais – Website : https://care4calais.org/ this organisation works with refugees camped out on the northern coast of France and those arriving in the UK. Check out its winter appeal – donate your coat.

Winter Appeal
There are 2,000 refugees sleeping rough in Northern France. The police regularly take their sleeping bags and blankets. We desperately need winter coats to keep them alive.
In the UK, refugees arrive with just the clothes on their backs. They don't have coats suitable for a British winter. Please help us keep them warm and dry.
Do you have a coat that you no longer wear? Please donate it now to keep someone warm care4calais.org/thedropoffmap

The Church of England website is offering a Toolkit for supporting Afghan Refugees:


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