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Pastoral Letter 16.11.22

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This week's pastoral letter is written by Rev Peter Hills. It is attached along with the home service sheets.

Over the next few weeks the weekly Pastoral Letter will be morphing into a Circuit Letter or Circuit Circular and will include good news items and mission resources.

Good News/Mission Resource

Sight Loss Friendly Churches
How often does someone in the UK begin to lose their sight? Are you surprised that it's every six minutes, which equates to approximately 250 people a day?

Approximately 2.5 million people are living with sight loss, and everyone is living with a different experience. It is interesting that when we think of registered blind, we think that a person can see nothing and yet if we use the term partially sighted, we assume they can see much more than they actually can. Actually 93% of those registered blind can see something.

Torch Trust https://torchtrust.org/ is an ecumenical Christian ministry that focuses on the spiritual support and encouragement of blind and partially sighted people. For over 60 years they have been providing accessible resources and a variety of ways to connect and support people living with sight loss.

Their services include:
Reading library (accessible Christian literature)
Bible Reading Notes and magazines
Local groups for fellowship

Torch Trust can help your church to become more aware of how to support people with sight loss and can also assist individuals.

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