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'Calling all believers across the UK to pray for one hour on the same day from wherever you are. Let's all join together on Friday 22 January 2021, for a Day of Fasting and Prayer for our needy nation.' — Ian Christensen, Senior Pastor, New Life Wembley.

We have set aside Friday 22 January to specifically pray for our nation; this is being supported by Christian groups almost universally across the whole nation. Simply called a 'Day of Prayer for our Needy Nation', I and many other Christian leaders and organisations, are calling as many as possible to join in prayer and fasting.

Why not join us in prayer this month too: pray for YOUR nation, simply in YOUR homes — with friends — or family. Spend one hour, any hour, in fasting and prayer to Almighty God for YOUR nation — call upon Him for deliverance. This is so simple and will accomplish much! I do believe that this is the closest that we can get to a 'National Day of Prayer' in this season.

For those who need some guidance it is suggested that, amongst others, we pray for: our government; for deliverance from Covid; and very specifically for a Spiritual Awakening in our nation, which most would call 'revival'. For me it will be a Day when I can release all my pent up emotion, especially over things that are troubling me. A Day when for so many, it will bring a release of tension, a deliverance from fears, and a sense of healing, bringing a new sense of God's Presence, not only in our lives, but right across the whole nation. I shall personally pray that the Holy Spirit will touch this nation miraculously, that God will honour the centuries of Christian heritage that has enabled God to use us to influence the world for Christ. — David Hathaway

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