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David Faulkner

Dear Friends,

My video this week is a carol service talk. It will be found at https://youtu.be/6Q09CjSkdks

Unusually for me, I prepared this talk entirely in my head and I delivered it extempore, so there is no rough script this week. My apologies to those of you who like to follow along with the script. You may need to watch the video twice: 😊

Since Knaphill has sadly had to cancel its carol service, I thought I would also point you back to the video carol service that we put together last year including both Knaphill and Byfleet folk. The odd reference might have slightly dated, but sadly not quite as much as we might have hoped. If you'd like to see that again, it is still on YouTube at

Blessings to you all, and (especially to those who I won't see before the big day) a very Happy Christmas to you and yours.


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