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8.00am Saturday 6 March until 8.00am Sunday 7 March 2021

The Mission Group is once again organising a 24 hour prayer vigil. Whist there has always been a great need for prayer, it is undeniable that this period of our lives is calling for much more concentrated prayer for our families, our churches and the nation.

The prayer vigil will take place over the weekend of 6/7 March 2021, which follows on from the World Day of Prayer on Friday 5 March.

Attached is a prayer 'aide memoire' and the prayer timetable.

This year more than ever our prayers are needed and for the first time in many years we have no church members aboard who can cover our 'wee small hours' from different time zones. Thanks in advance to those who interrupt their sleep to keep the 24 hours going.

We ask that all those who are leading worship on Sunday 7 March refer to this vigil and bring it to a conclusion in the prayers offered during morning worship.

Please put these dates in your diary.

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