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A Prayer for Tonga

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volcanic eruption

The President and Vice President have expressed their concern over the situation in Tonga caused by a volcanic eruption on Saturday and subsequent tsunami. They ask the Methodist people to pray for those affected.

Loving God, we stand in awe at the power of creation seen in volcano and tsunami, recognising the smallness and weakness of our own existence. Yet you tell us that each person is special and important to you, and in that confidence we hold before you the people of Tonga as they deal with the aftermath of the volcanic eruption.

We are still waiting for details, but you know the feelings and needs of each person there, and we pray that you would grant calm and courage to those directly involved, and the strengthening of bonds as people support each other. Especially we ask for wisdom for national and community leaders as they look for a way ahead, and for religious leaders, including President Finau Ahio and ministers of our Methodist Partner, The Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga, as they try to offer spiritual and emotional support.

We pray also for the peace of your presence for all those around the world waiting for news of family and friends, wanting to believe that the reports so far of little damage and no loss of life are true, but fearful of different news when the situation becomes clear.

We give thanks for the moves within the Pacific and the wider international community to provide support for Tonga, and pray that there will soon be opportunity to allow appropriate relief to be channelled quickly, especially the provision of clean drinking water. And although now everything is dismal and grey from volcanic ash, may the people of Tonga be able to hold on to the hope of the return of colour and joy to their land.

Sheila Norris – Acting Partnership Co-ordinator for Asia-Pacific

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